I had a kid in my art class senior year and he had a prosthetic leg. At some point the teacher gave us all blocks of plaster and instructed us to sculpt abstract forms inspired by nature or some bullshit and this kid took off his leg and put it on her desk.

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if u say “i love you” too often it loses its meaning
boring people who probably read john green and listen to the beatles (via quartzwarrior)

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Too real.


Too real.

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If you say GLBT don’t talk to me

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People who use a lack of education to justify subjecting poor people to poverty are fucking revolting. They’ve invented a system wherein poor people cannot obtain a quality education because they are poor and then they use that lack of education to justify their continued poverty. It’s self-sustaining, vile, oppressive, and a fundamental tenet of modern American conservativism.

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I don’t think I could ever date a good actor like he could tell me he loves me and I’d be like nah you said it much more convincingly to kate winslet try again

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Alex Hirsch explains a lost episode from season one of gravity falls.

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I’m ahab

assigned hella at birth

also I’m on a mission to kill that fucking whale



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