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My mom was looking through my room for something and I don’t know what it is but she found one of my vibrators and then tried to cover it up like wow way to go high five way to be an ass


Show of hands: How many of you want to know how to make mac and cheese waffles?

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"If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up."

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"Don’t say you hate your fam-" No.

"Omg you should love your fami-" No.

"Be grateful they’re your famil-" No.

If you have been bullied, hit, teased, put down, hurt, lied to, or hated by your own family; you don’t need to justify how you feel. You don’t need to explain yourself. You are allowed to hate a family member or dislike a family member if they’ve given you a reason to.

this is so fucking important

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no no jokes aside this is just fucking sad because there are seriously people out there who use this logic to guilt women and get them to have sex i cant laugh at this really as ive had partners like that and ive had people close to me go through that. so im sorry but i just cant laugh at this really because this bs actually happens (minus the clothes magically being torn part)

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Okakakay so the whole “I hate cis people.” is like when someone’s like “I hate bugs.” because majority of bugs aren’t cute butterflies and ladybugs and r gross and scary. U feel?? Some r very nice and pretty and important to the ecosystem but other than that smush that crap with a shoe.

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things that do not make you a man:

  • genital configuration

things that do make you a man:

  • inability to slay the witch-king of angmar
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it’s pretty common for people discussing rape culture within feminist discourse to conveniently leave out disabled girls, but this is just a casual reminder that disabled women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted, abused or raped than able-bodied women. on top of that, 50% of deaf girls and 54% of deaf boys have been sexually abused or assaulted. so please stop leaving us out of your discussion about rape culture.

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